Lago di Bolsena


The town by the lake is the perfect retreat if you’re looking for a dip without going to the beach or simply hankering for a stroll or bike ride in a beautiful destination.

It’s not Lake Como, but it’s pretty darn close since Bolsena is the largest volcanic origin lake in Europe.

It’s so big, it has two islands you can visit, one of which has a worse-for-wear convent and church just waiting to be explored.

The ‘sand’ at Bolsena is black, another tieback to its volcanic origin, and with the right license, you can even fish its depth for the treats that can otherwise be enjoyed in its many amazing seafood lakeside restaurants.

Bolsena is famous for its boardwalk. Even on the coldest, rainiest days, a stroll around the lake is picturesque if only to see the black sand and tiny fishing boats moored on the shore.

As the weather warms, the boardwalk becomes a place for gelatos, for knick knacks bought from the art and craft stalls along the water and a place to listen to live music.

If you can, time your visit for June-July when Bolsena is a rainbow of colour, courtesy of its hundreds of perfectly blooming hydrangeas.

A beautiful Romanesque church and minor basilica that stands out with its sandstone facade. Inside the atmosphere is dark and mystical with a few pieces by local artists depicting the unavoidable Madonna and Child.

Located inside the Rocca at the very heart of Bolsena, this museum presides over the town from an elevated vantage point.

It maintains its medieval style and impressive size.

The museum has a few small and interesting exhibitions about the local culture and history, but the true draw card is the building itself.


Terme di Sorano – Bolsena (VT) 37.3 km – 55 min.

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