In the solarium of about 3000 square meters managed with an English lawn, equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, spread over three levels, there are two of the three pools of Terme di Sorano.

The most popular is another, the spa that can be used for the entire period of opening of the structure, has an area of ​​approx. 370 square meters, with an oval design and arranged on two levels. Continuously fed with thermal water of the bicarbonate-magnesium-calcium type that flows from the source at 37.3 °, sufficient to guarantee the temperature in the pool of about 35 ° / 36 °. In the upper part the water has a height of about 140 cm, has comfortable seats where you can relax in absolute relaxation enjoying the benefits of thermal water. In the lower part, where the water height varies from 90 to 60 cm, there are two waterfalls for massages on the whole part of the body. This part of the pool is also reserved for the little ones due to the height of the water. The rectangular-shaped sports pool has a mirror of water of over 200 square meters, has a height of 140 cm, open from May to October, allows the most passionate to keep fit with long swims or alternate the use of both pools for a natural toning of the body.

The third pool and “the most particular” is undoubtedly the historical one located in the woods, adjacent to the thermal stream called “Il Bagno dei Frati”, dating back to the 15th century and was used by the friars who lived in the premises of the current Pieve di S .Maria dell’Aquila (located in the center of the residence) at that time the site of a convent of friars. Small in size, it has a height of 140 cm, can still accommodate about fifteen people and is fed by two thermal springs that flow directly from the rock, which provides the water temperature of about 34 ° in a truly unique context.

The use of swimming caps is compulsory in all pools. 

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Pools Day SPA

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