Top 5 Beach Babes


1. Feniglia/Giannella : Not the Maremma’s most beautiful beaches, but certainly two of the most popular.

Both Feniglia and Giannella are located a short distance from Orbetello and are easily accessible.

The water is calm and clean and there are plenty of free and paid beaches to choose from.

These beaches are particularly popular with families because parking is located close to the shore and there are lifeguards on duty most of the time.

This is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a fun family day at the beach.

2. Argentario : The Argentario Coast is Tuscany’s chicest new beach destination.

There are tens of beaches to choose from, but very few of them are lifeguard protected.

For family friendly beaches, stick close to the shores around Porto Santo Stefano, while if you’re looking for something more secluded and wild, follow the Strada Panoramica away from Porto Ercole.

You can park your car on the road in one of the designated spots and walk down to the rock beaches.

It’s a bit of a hike, but the crystalline waters and spectacular views make it worth it.

The superstar beaches are Cala del Gesso, which is closest to Porto Santo Stefano and Mar Morto, which is between the two port towns on the Strada Panoramica.

3. Montalto : Montalto di Castro is one of central Italy’s most beloved beach destinations.

Many families take day trips from Rome and beyond to swim in the area simply because the atmosphere is so vibrant and convivial.

Montalto’s sand is black and the slices of free beach are limited, so when in Rome, do as the Romans and consider renting a sun deck and umbrella from one of the seemingly million beach resorts.

When you’ve had your fill of sand and sea, you can walk the board walk and enjoy endless slices of pizza, artisan gelatos and satisfying shops.

4. Capalbio : There is nothing like swimming in a nature park and Capalbio is synonymous with beaches bordered by Mediterranean scrub lands.

Unlike so many seaside destinations, Capalbio has plenty of shade to escape to if the heat gets too much.

Tourists flock far and wide to Ultima Spiaggia, located just outside of the town.

Voted among the best beaches in Italy by the Guida Blu Travel Guide, Ultima Spiaggia is defined by coastal dunes and warm and calm waters.

5. Giglio Island : One of Tuscany’s few islands, Giglio’s beaches are pieces of paradise.

The easiest to access and most popular, especially with day visitors, are located in Giglio Campese on the side opposite the port.

These aren’t the island’s most beautiful or secluded beaches.

Everyone knows about them and a regular bus connects them with the port, but other greener pastures are almost impossible to reach, especially on foot.

If you don’t have a problem sharing the water with ferries, you can swim just outside the port.

Otherwise rent a scooter or commandeer a taxi to pick your own slice of island to swim in.