San Rocco


Rocky Settlement of San Rocco

Situated on an enormous panoramic terrace, immersed in the greenery which dominates the Medieval village of Sorano and the valley of the Lente river. From an archaeological point of view, this area is almost completely unexplored. The edges of the plane contain numerous areas which have been carved into the tuft rock.

Some of these, in particular those exposed towards the south-west, were used by the Etruscan population as a burial area. Others were used almost exclusively as residential zones. Nearby a road with Etruscan origins can be found which leads to Via Cava of San Rocco. The path which has been deeply carved into the tuffaceous rock is extremely evocative. The walls have been hand worked by humans and by weather over the centuries, and are covered with musk and lichens.

Heading down the track, one can admire the rainwater drainage system, with numerous stairs sculpted into the tuffaceous rock, making it possible to exit the narrow and deep via Cava and appreciate small sections of land.