Sovana Archeological Park

The Archeological Park of the Tuft Rock Cities

The archaeological zone extends across a large area including Sorano, Sovana and Pitigliano. It includes various Etruscan Necropoli distributed throughout the territory and connected by a suggestive network of roads carved into steep walls of tuffaceous rock. These roads are named Vie Cave or Cavoni.

Standing out above all inside the Archaeological Park of Tuft Rock, is the Archaeological Area of Sovana and the Etruscan tombs carved into the tuft rock near Sorano.

Located to the west of the city along the road which leads to San Martino sul Fiora, the archaeological area is met by the spectacular Vie Cave which connect it to the other Necropoli in the area, in the evocative setting of the Archaeological Park of Tuft Rock.

Sovana, in addition to providing Neolithic testimony, was predominantly developed in the Etruscan era, presenting hundreds of monumental tombs. Important examples include the Tomb of the Mermaid, the Tomb of the Typhoon and above all, the monumental Tomb of Ildebranda on Poggio Felceto.