Bamboo Massage

Bamboo Massage


According to the ancient Chinese, bamboo rods were able to circulate energy within them and could therefore be used to absorb excess energy and restore the energy balance of an individual’s body. Even today in the East, bamboo is a symbol of eternal youth, as well as health, luck and success, and is considered an antidote to stress and an elixir of beauty. Bamboo is in fact a plant rich in silicon, an element that strengthens the deep tissue of the skin. The massage with bamboo canes is an energetic treatment, a deep but relaxing massage, extremely draining on the legs, particularly suitable for fighting cellulite, stimulating the lymphatic flow and reshaping the buttocks, it is a deep decontracting that will help relieve muscle contractions especially at the level of the back. The sliding of the bamboo rods on your body accompanied by hot oil will stimulate your senses, relaxing and giving a feeling of well-being.

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€ 60

Duration : 50 minutes