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Body Scrub


We talk a lot about cleaning the skin and we tend to think about that of the face, but the body also needs it, and for this there is a real beauty treatment that responds to the name of scrub. The scrub is a granular exfoliating treatment based on salts, more precisely Dead Sea salts, in combination with purifying essential oils. The microgranules by friction with the skin remove dead cells and free the pores
promoting oxygenation.
The benefits?!?…. Here are five reasons to do it:
1) removes dead skin cells and restores clean, dirt-free skin for a healthier glow.
2) prevents ingrown hairs
3) promotes skin hydration. After the scrub, the skin will be freer and better able to absorb the moisturizing products, which will therefore leave the skin soft and supple.
4) helps fight any skin defects. In fact, when dead skin builds up, it can clog pores and cause spots on the skin surface or acne on the body giving the classic negative look of asphyxiated skin.
5) reduces stress. it is a great way to relax and release stress; in addition, the massaged salt stimulates an improvement in circulation, giving relief.

The scrub is a beauty treatment that should never be given up throughout the year:
in autumn and winter, in addition to the exfoliating benefits, it helps the skin to defend itself from the cold and the continuous rubbing of multiple layers of clothes, while in spring and summer it guarantees a more intense and uniform tan, therefore more lasting.

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€ 55

Duration : 50 minutes