Cleopatra Ritual

Cleopatra Ritual


For the Egyptians the body was considered a sacred place “the home of the immortal soul”, they believed that life and beauty could continue in the afterlife.
Everything that contributed to making the body more beautiful and strong was never an end in itself but also had a spiritual meaning.
Cleopatra, as a good example, underwent a whole series of beauty rituals every day, including the famous milk bath: one of the oldest beauty rituals in the world.
Today we know that important antioxidants are contained in donkey milk and that bathing in donkey milk absorbs skin fat and promotes cell renewal.
Clay, already known as a precious element, was used as a mask to purify; in fact, today we know its chelating effect (which favors the elimination of impurities) and its ion exchange capacity (allows the regeneration of the treated parts and the drainage of excess liquids)

– Steam bath (15 minutes): it will make the skin more sensitive to the purifying and smoothing action of the scrub.

-Scrub based on honey and brown sugar (20 minutes)

– Body pack with clays and donkey milk (20 minutes)

– Purifying face pack based on green clay

-Rinse of the body and face pack

-Enveloping relaxing massage (45 minutes) with warm natural almond oil

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€ 120

Duration: 2 hours