Mud Therapy

Mud therapy


Mud therapy is a relaxing and beneficial aesthetic treatment, the perfect combination of thermal mud and heat therapy. Mud therapy finds space in multiple cosmetic applications as it tones and improves the skin, counteracts cellulite thanks to the stimulation exerted on blood circulation and drainage of liquids. It is also a very effective therapy in giving relief in some pathologies such as osteoarthritis,
rheumatoid arthritis, neuralgia, neck pain, back pain and joint pain. Mud therapy is also recommended to alleviate skin problems such as psoriasis and dermatitis.
Our mud therapy treatment will pamper you in a sweet and warm session: we will start with a dry brushing carried out with a natural birch wood brush with tampico bristles which, in addition to immediately reactivating the microcirculation, will free your skin from impurities, preparing it to a better and more effective reception of the mud, which will be spread immediately afterwards throughout the body and left on for 30 minutes, in a warm wrap. The session will end with a relaxing hydration to end our treatment giving you a more compact looking fabric with a soft and silky touch.

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Duration : 80 minuti