Pure Face

Pure Face


Every day the face is subjected to countless stresses: pollution, atmospheric agents, make-up etc…. a pure face treatment will restore to your face the cleansing and complexion it deserves.

Pure face is a facial cleansing treatment that can be differentiated according to the type of skin:
cleansing milk and purifying tonic based on organic green tea, vitamin a, burdock extract and mandelic acid, scrub based on vegetable granules, vaporozono (12 minutes of ozonated steam to dilate the pores of the skin and then proceed to the squeezing treatment for removal of blackheads, blackheads and various impurities) or ultrasound (a special ultrasonic handpiece for the removal of excess sebum) purifying serum based on lavender and Tea Tree, massage with purifying cream based on burdock and biotin, pure mask to organic green tea base, tea tree oil and burdock and finally balancing cream based on bergamot and vitamin A.

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€ 55

Duration : 50 minutes